Agile Integrations Workshop - Developer


The Agile Integration Workshop teaches the development, testing, and deployment of cloud-native and connected solutions. You will walk through an API Development and Agile Integration process leveraging OpenShift, Apicurio, Microcks, Fuse, and 3scale for a sample application.

Who should attend

What you will learn


Red Hat’s integration solutions give you the power to connect everything in your enterprise—from apps and APIs to data and devices—to provide greater value to your customers.

Integration solutions should be incremental—letting you connect pieces step by step with open interfaces and no lock-in—so you can create, experiment, and deliver new services quickly. That’s why Red Hat’s approach is distributed and independent of a centralized enterprise service bus (ESB).

Red Hat solutions are API-based, backed by an ecosystem of partners, customers, and developers to ensure the best use of services. And they’re container friendly, meaning you can develop, manage, and scale cloud-native apps that work together for the future of your business.