Lab 11 - Build Image

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Add Build Image Stage

Add the Build Image Stage into your pipeline.

The “sh” are shell commands in your pipeline that are executed on the Jenkins Slave. Maven built the openshift-tasks.war in it the target directory and it will be copied into the created oc-builds directory.

The startBuild stage is kicked off from Openshift and pointing to the local directory “oc-build” on the Jenkins slave.

In Builds > Pipelines > tasks-pipeline > Actions > Edit

Append the text below to the bottom of the Jenkins Pipeline Configuration. Please make sure to append to the beginning of the next line.

    stage('Build Image') {
      steps {
        sh "rm -rf oc-build && mkdir -p oc-build/deployments"
        sh "cp target/openshift-tasks.war oc-build/deployments/ROOT.war"

        script {
          openshift.withCluster() {
            openshift.withProject(env.DEV_PROJECT) {
              openshift.selector("bc", "tasks").startBuild("--from-dir=oc-build", "--wait=true")

Test Your Pipeline

If you’d like to do a test of first pipeline stage, add the following brackets at the end of your Jenkinsfile. Make sure to append to the beginning of the last line.


Save your Jenkinsfile.

Go back to Builds > Pipelines

Click Start Pipeline

Delete Brackets

Please delete the brackets you just added once testing is complete. We can add them later if you’d like to test your pipeline as you go along.


Click Save

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