The Setup

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Step 1 - Log in to the Web User Interface

The workshop moderator will provide you with the URL, your username, and password.

Step 2 - Create a Project for Your Wetty Terminal

Create a new project by clicking the “New Project” button in the upper right of the WebUI.

Step 3 - Name Your Project

Name your project as follows.

Step 4 - Add Wetty to the Project

In the Search Catalog bar, enter the name of the template to search for, in this case wetty-persistant.

Click the template.

Step 5 - Overview

Click Next to procede past the overview.

Step 6 - Configuration

In the Configuration screen ensure the Add to Project value is the name of the wetty-{{USER_NAME}} project.

Click Next to procede past the configuration.

Step 7 - Results

On the Results screen, click Continue to the project overview.

Step 8 - Copy the CLI Login Command

The CLI login command can be copied from the upper right context menu by your user name.

Step 9 - Open the Wetty Terminal

On the project overview page, click the URL.

Step 10 - Connect in the Wetty Terminal

When asked -

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

Answer yes

Enter the Wetty password. The workshop moderator will provide this to you.

Step 11 - Connect to OpenShift via the CLI

Paste the command from Step 8.

Step 12 - Create a Shared Screen

Creating a shared screen will allow the moderators to assist you better by viewing your terminal session.

screen -m -S shared-userYOUR#

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